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Quick Start


Register using the link at the top of the page. Enter your desired username, email address, and a password. You will be sent an activation email which you are required to click the activation link in order to continue through the activation process.

Linking your Kickstarter Profile

Linking your profile is not required, but once you do you will receive 25 free FastCash credits which will expire in 1 year.

Once you have activated your account, login and then click the profile icon at the top of the screen to go to your profile. From there you can click "Edit Profile" to edit details on your profile, get your referral link, and link to your Kickstarter profile. In order to link your profile you will need to paste your referral link in your Kickstarter profile to verify it is your profile. To do so, copy your referral link on your edit profile page and paste it in either your Kickstarter Biography, or add it as a Website to your Kickstarter profile. Although you are not required to keep your referral link in your profile, any referred user you get from your link will earn you 5 free FastCash credits which will expire in 6 months. If you refer a project creator, you'll also earn an additional 10 free FastCash credits for every project that they've launched which will expire in 1 year. Next, copy and paste the URL to your Kickstarter profile into the field on your Edit Profile page and click "Link Profile". Once your profile is linked, the server will attempt to start linking the last 20 projects you backed.

Synchronizing your Kickstarter Profile

If you would like to link all projects you have backed, there is a "Sync Projects" button above that you can use to synchronize all your backed projects with FastBacker. For those with a large number of backed projects, this could take some time. Not all projects will show up immediately on your profile page, but over time any that have not been removed by Kickstarter should eventually show up. If at any time you feel your profile isn't in sync, you can visit this page to force a re-sync. Every time you login or visit your main profile page, the site attempts to do a quick sync of projects you've backed.

Adding/Following Projects

By default the only projects that will show up on your project list are those you have backed if you linked to your Kickstarter profile, as well as any featured or sponsored projects. The easiest way to add projects to FastBacker is by using the browser extension from below. The extension adds an extra button to the upper right corner of any KickStarter project page labeled "Add to FastBacker". Once clicked, it should open a new tab with the project, and will be flagged as a followed project. You can also add any other Kickstarter project to your profile by clicking the "Add Project" button at the top of the screen and copying and pasting the project URL/address into the filed and clicking "Add Project". This will follow this project and list it on your project list. You can always un-follow any project that you haven't backed or subscribed to by clicking the heart on the projects FastBacker page.

At any time, you can follow other projects by clicking the gray heart on the project's FastBacker project page. A great way to find popular projects other users are backing, subscribing to, and following is by clicking on the Popular link on the main project list page. These are sorted by the most to least popular projects on the FastBacker site.

Subscribing to Projects

Subscribing to a project allows you to enable the features for that project to allow you to receive advanced notifications like when a new pledge level is created, when a limited pledge level is almost sold out, or when a limited pledge level that was once sold out is available again. Subscribing also allows you to set up auto-pledging using an extension for your browser (currently only Chrome and Opera are supported).

In order to subscribe, click on the subscription icon (looks like three slashes - ///) on the project's page you want to subscribe to. On the dialog box, the cost to subscribe is shown as well as your current FastCash credit balance. If you do not have enough FastCash credits to purchase a subscription to this project, you will be prompted to purchase more FastCash credits, otherwise you are prompted to confirm that you want to spend the FastCash credits to subscribe to this project.

In the event that the project you have subscribed to is unsuccessful or is cancelled, the system should automatically credit your account back for the full amount of the subscription credits you paid. If you used auto-pledge and were unable to secure one of the limited pledge levels using the browser extension by the end of a successful project's campaign, you will receive a refund in the amount of the subscription credits you paid minus a service fee of 3 credits.


Auto-pledging is the most popular reason to subscribe to a project. Once you have subscribed, you can visit the Pledge Levels page of the project to select the auto-pledge reward you want to try for. Only limited pledge levels are able to be selected in this list. If multiple pledge levels look the same, they are in the same order and the full detailed list below, so you can use the list to help determine which pledge level you want to select. You're also able to select an additional pledge amount you want the auto-pledge extension to pledge when it is successful at snagging a limited or early bird pledge level. This is perfect for getting the add-ons to your pledge you want even if it's successful during the last moments of a project's campaign.

Browser Extensions

Auto-pledging requires a browser extension. Currently only Chrome and Opera are supported. The can be downloaded at the following links:

Chrome Extension:

Opera Extension: Install

Firefox Addon: Hopefully Coming Soon!

The latest version of these plugins is v0.5.9.2. If you are not on this version, please update your plugin by either re-installing it or forcing it to update in your browser's extension manager. Chrome and Opera should automatically update the extension periodically.

Once installed, visit FastBacker on any page while logged in, and the extension will automatically link to your account. Once linked, you can click the FastBacker extension icon in your browser toolbar to display a list of your currently selected projects you have selected for Auto-Pledge. This does not show which pledge level you selected, only the list or projects where you have an Auto-Pledge level selected. Click one of the projects in the list, and a new browser tab should open and start trying to pledge automatically for the pledge level you have selected. You will see the pledge you selected from the list outlined in red as well as a countdown timer in the upper right showing you when you can expect to see the next auto-pledge attempt. IMPORTANT: You must keep this browser tab/window open and your computer must stay on and not go to sleep, shutdown, or restart (even for Windows updates). If this happens, there is no way for the auto-pledge extension to work.

The options menu is accessed by right-clicking on the extension icon and choosing Options or by going to the extension list in your browser and clicking the Options button on the FastBacker extension. There are currently only a couple options you can change. The first is the refresh interval. By default it is set to the fastest allowed speed which is 10 seconds. If you don't want the extension refreshing as quickly, you can select from a couple other speeds. The only other option is to enable debugging which isn't necessary unless you're having trouble with the extension and have contacted me and I may ask you a few questions about what the browser console window is showing you. (Not necessary to enable unless you're having issues.)

The extension will update its list of Auto-Pledge projects any time you click its icon regardless if you're currently on the FastBacker site or not. Even if you add a new Auto-Pledge level on your phone and click the icon in the toolbar, it should show the new project immediately.

To use the extension, you do not have to be a backer already. The extension can both create a new pledge as long as you have a credit card stored on file with Kickstarter as a default payment method, as well as change an existing pledge you already have. If you already have an existing pledge, your pledge level will not change until the extension is successful, so there is no worry about losing one limited pledge level or early bird pledge if you're trying for an even better one. You do not need to cancel your existing pledge to use the FastBacker Auto-Pledge extension.


Viewing FastCash Balances and Transactions

To view details of your current FastCash balance, click the button at the top of the page with three slashes (///) followed by a number. This will take you to your FastCash Deposits page where you can see a summary of your current balance as well as any FastCash deposits into your account. This page shows details such as the time of the deposit (timezone of the server), the original value of the deposit, the remaining balance, the time left until it expires, and a short description of the deposit.

If you click the "Transactions" button, you will see a detailed list of all the transactions made on your account. This will show the time of the transaction (timezone of the server), the value of the transaction (negative numbers mean you spend the FastCash credit), and a detailed description of the transaction. Some details will have links if you referred a user or subscribed to a project. You can see the name of the project by hovering over the link "Project" in the description, or you can visit the project page by clicking the link.

You may see multiple transactions for a single project. This is because you didn't have enough credits in a single deposit remaining to pull the entire transaction from. For example, if you have 5 welcome credits, 100 paid credits, and 10 bonus credits, and you attempt to purchase a subscription costing 30 credits, the system will first take it from the earliest expiring non-paid credit, so your welcome credits would now have a balance of 0, then from the bonus credits, so your bonus credits would now be 0, and finally the remaining 15 credits from the paid deposit, leaving you a total of 85 paid credits remaining and no un-paid credits remaining.

Purchasing FastCash

NOTE: All FastCash credit purchases are non-refundable, and all FastCash credit purchases expire according to the FastCash Expiration section below.

To purchase FastCash credits, you can click on your FastCash credit balance in the top header (the button looks like three slashes followed by your current FastCash balance), then click on "Purchase". On this screen, you'll see a list of options presented starting at $5 USD and going up to $100 USD. Select the level you wish to purchase and click on PayPal's "BuyNow" button. This will take you to PayPal's site where you can complete the transaction. Once completed, you can return to FastBacker using the links provided by PayPal. This should return you to your FastCash screen where you should see the transaction and the credit applied to your account. If it does not show up immediately, do not panic and do not try to the purchase again (you will be double-charged if you do). PayPal doesn't always send the completed transaction details to us immediately, as we have previously experienced delays of over 6 hours, although most of the time the transaction goes through within seconds. If after a few hours you still do not see the transaction, please check your PayPal account to make sure it has gone through. You can contact us with the Invoice Number and we can check our diagnostics as well to try to determine if it was a PayPal error or an error on our system.

Spending FastCash

To use FastCash, subscribe to a project by following the Subscribing to Projects section above.

When spending FastCash credits, credits are first deducted from any remaining balances of any non-paid deposits on your account starting with the soonest to expire. If there is a remaining balance after all non-paid deposits have zero balances, then the system begins deducting the remaining balance from the oldest deposit with a balance. Depending on the balance of your deposits and the subscription cost, multiple deposits could be deducted from during a single project subscription purchase.

FastCash Expiration

All FastCash credits expire according to the following list:

* Purchased FastCash credits can have their expiration date extended. Any time you purchase more FastCash credits, all existing paid FastCash credits that have not expired have their expiration date extended to match the latest purchased FastCash credit expiration date. For example, if you have 100 paid FastCash credits expiring in 2 days, but don't want to lose them, you can purchase any amount of FastCash credit, and when you do the expiration of the 100 paid FastCash credits that were expiring in 2 days will now expire in 1 year just like the newly purchased FastCash credits. Any credits that have expired though are not able to have their expiration dates extended. Only purchased FastCash credits, and not bonus FastCash credits given to you free at the time of purchase are eligible to have their expiration dates extended.